Our School » Values


Excellence in Learning

We believe:

- All students can learn and are a part of a community of learners (students, faculty and parents) who share the responsibility of education excellence.

- The effective use of instructional techniques and curricula will promote the independence and success of all students.

- Knowledge, skills and understanding are assessed through a variety of progressively challenging and authentic activities and products.

- The high expectations of the community of learners encourage a flexible curriculum which incorporates technology, fine arts, and physical fitness into a broad academic framework.

Student Accountability and Responsibility

We believe:

- All students should be empowered to achieve at their highest levels.

- All students can demonstrate respect for all members of the community of learners.

- All students can take responsibility for their learning.

School Environment

We believe:

- Learning can best be accomplished in a safe, pleasant, and well-equipped environment.

- Our diversity provides opportunities to learn from the values and cultures of others.

- The community of learners is committed to a team approach.

- The community of learners values the challenge of change.