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Mr. Wilson's Class Information

Welcome to Dorman Freshman Campus! I am so excited to have your student as a part of my class this year! Below you will find the syllabus to each of my classes. It is important that all my students know my expectations as we begin a new school year. Throughout the year please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. If you are a student you can find more information and assignments on Google Classroom. 
Daily Schedule:
8:10-9:45                    1st Block (Planning)
9:51-11:21                  2nd Block (Foundations in Algebra)
11:27-1:21                  3rd Block (Foundations in Algebra)
12:25-12:51                3rd Lunch
1:27-1:49                    CAVS 
1:55-3:25                    4th Block (Geometry Honors)
Mr. Wilson's Classes:
2nd Block Foundations in Algebra 
3rd Block Foundations in Algebra
4th Block Geometry Honors
School Contact info:
Phone: 582-3479 ext. 4106