Collection and Return Process for DFC

The school item collection and return process for DFC will be done by the student’s last name and will occur from 8 am until 1 pm on the following days.

Wednesday, May 20th will be for students whose last names are A-G

Thursday, May 21st will be for students whose last names are H-O

Friday, May 22nd will be for students whose last names are P-Z

On these days students will be able to return all outstanding school items and pick up any items needed from school as well. To simplify the process, school personnel have assembled a bag for every student containing all items that we need to get to the students which includes items left in their lockers and gym lockers. When you arrive on that day students will receive this bag along with an empty bag labelled with their name that they with fill with all items they need to return to us at school. Staff members will come to your vehicle to collect items. Students will NOT turn in their chromebooks or chargers unless they are NOT returning to Dorman in the fall. Students will take their chromebooks with them to the main campus. Students WILL need to bring any work to turn in, textbooks, materials from teachers, library books, uniforms issued by the school, performance attire for orchestra and chorus, and any other items that need to be returned to the school. Students will receive their pre-purchased yearbooks on these days in their bags. Yearbooks will also be on sale for $45.