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Welcome to PE1

Parents and Guardians,   

     We wish to welcome your child to one of the finest physical education and health programs in South Carolina.


     As you know, state law requires that students earn one unit of physical education and

health to receive a high school diploma.  You may access your student’s grades at any time by using PowerSchool.  If you did not get your PowerSchool login at registration, the DFC guidance office will provide the login to the parent with a valid ID.


     Grades in our class are determined by dressing out, participation, written tests, skills tests, and classroom assignments.  Because a student must dress out before he or she participates, it is imperative that your child have appropriate gym clothes (see rule 4 under PE policies) in which to dress out.  Students are required to dress out and participate in physical activities daily.  Students are required to provide a three-ringed folder with pockets and a pen or pencil.  Students will receive classroom instruction one day a week. 


     A PE lock and PE locker will be issued to each student.  Please encourage your child to keep valuables locked before, during, and after PE class.  Students should not share lockers or give anyone their combination.  Students are responsible for keeping their valuables secure.


     During the semester, your child will be administered the Fitnessgram fitness test.  The Fitnessgram results will be mailed in May.  He/She will also be taught a variety of individual and team sports, physical conditioning which includes a cardio- vascular program, and the comprehensive health unit which parents can preview if you want.


     We appreciate your support in making this course a rewarding and educational one for your child.  We welcome any comments concerning your child which you feel will be beneficial to us in working with him or her.  Please be specific about any health problems that your child may have.