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Spartanburg District 6 English Language Learner Program

The number of families in South Carolina demonstrating limited English proficiency has increased significantly in recent years. These families include immigrants, migratory workers, and others whose children may have limited English proficiency. The children are in SC schools and working to learn core content taught in English. Their ability to learn this content may be adversely affected by the lack of appropriate accommodations in the classroom or opportunity through programs that provide English language learning. Students with limited English proficiency sometimes experience great difficulty with the dual task of learning the English language and learning academics taught in that language at the same time. These students are at a higher risk of dropping out of school and may consequently have reduced employment opportunity. The South Carolina Department of Education is committed to providing all students equal opportunity to benefit from educational programs and services. Moreover, the SCDE is committed to supporting scientifically research-based programs, effective practices, training, and accountability so that all students can become proficient in English and can achieve the state academic content standards and state student academic achievement standards.

The SCDE has the responsibility for implementing Title III of NCLB (Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient and Immigrant Students). Title III provides funding to supplement English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) programs and services within Spartanburg School District Six. Lau v Nichols requires that language minority students should receive specific instructional assistance in acquiring English to fully access the entire educational program within the school system.

A student shall not be admitted to, or excluded from, any federal assisted education program on the basis of a surname or language-minority status. [No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Title III-Language Instruction for Limited English proficient and Immigrant Students, Part C, Section 3302(f)]. District Six may not:

  • Provide services, financial aid, or other benefits that are different or in a different manner.
  • Restrict an individual’s enjoyment of an advantage or privilege enjoyed by others.
  • Deny an individual the right to participate in federally assisted programs.
  • Defeat or substantially impair the objectives of federally assisted programs.

These Title VI regulatory requirements have been interpreted to prohibit denial of equal access to education because of a student’s limited proficiency in English. Title VI protects students who are limited in their English language skills and are, thereby, unable to participate in or benefit from regular or special educational instructional programs.

Questions about Spartanburg School District Six responsibilities for providing English language services may be directed to:

Annie J. Means, Director of Federal Programs and Administration

Spartanburg School District Six

1390 Cavalier Way

Roebuck, SC 29376

Phone: 864-576-4212

Fax: 864-574-6265

[email protected]